Other Ways to Support

Support KSBB By Doing –  By Shopping – By Raising Funds for KSBB

Every little bit helps.  Here’s 3 ways to Keep South Bend Beautiful:

Support KSBB By Doing

Because we’re a community-wide action group, we are always looking for groups that want to get started eco-fying their community.  Contact KSBB with your ideas and we can help you and your group get moving.  Trust us, no ideas are too big or too small.

Support By Shopping

Keep South Bend Beautiful is currently producing apparel and other eco-friendly items for purchase and our store will be up and running soon.  Check back to find the item that’s right for you!

Additionally, Keep South Bend Beautiful is looking to form partnerships with area businesses so that we can pass on savings while supporting KSBB.  In that way, you can get the items that you want and need and simultaneously help out KSBB: win/win!

Raise Funds for KSBB

You can raise funds for KSBB — at home, work, school, in your neighborhood.  You can have fun and help to improve our city and make it a terrific and green place to live.

Create your own event.  There are many ways to raise money – some tried and true and others yet to be discovered.  Let your imagination run free.

Event Ideas

• Host a dinner party or cocktails at your home
• Have a neighborhood picnic
• Plant sale
• Ask people to walk or bike a day and donate saved gas money
• Dress down day
• Kickball tournament
• Game night
• Non-uniform day at school
• Poker evening
• Treasure hunt
• Wine tasting
• Garden Party or Competition
• Tree sit or hug
• Ask friends to donate money instead of buying presents and cards

Spread the word. Let people know you are raising money for KSBB. Others will want to help. Just ask.

Organizing events can be hard work that requires thoughtful planning. But, events can be a whole lot of fun and a great way to support Keep South Bend Beautiful!

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