What is a Pocket Park?!

A glorious example of design and urban green space.

To address a popular question over the last couple of days, a pocket park or mini-park is a small park/green space open to the public.  In some areas they are called parkettes or vest-pocket parks, which I hadn’t heard until reading the wikipedia article.  Due to their smaller size, they avoid large scale redevelopment and usually don’t include active recreation options. 

In the case of an all-time favorite pocket park, Paley Park in NYC, pocket parks can be sandwiched between development on multiple sides, enclosing the area and aidng in the respite experience for the users.  The combination of the honeylocust, the green covered side walls, and the waterwall in the back are brilliant.  Huge impact with a minimal amount of materials.  Beautifully simple.

So tomorrow, bright and early, Keep South Bend Beautiful will generate our own pocket park.  Inspired by Rebar’s Park(ing) Day original parking space take-over in 2005, KSBB hopes to generate buzz for the green spaces we do have in South Bend.  The rebel, guerilla landscape architecture approach is so satisfying; especially when getting folks to discuss their green spaces and landscape architecture.  Hope to see you all sometime between 8:00am and 3:00pm outside Fiddler’s Hearth for a beautifully simple way to raise awareness.

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Park(ing) Day South Bend 2010

User generated urbanism

View from the sidewalk looking North towards Fiddler's Hearth pub.

I’m excited to announce that South Bend will be participating in this year’s international Park(ing) Day.  It is an event that centers around converting parking lot space to green space for the day.  Who knew raising awareness for green space could be so fun!  We’ll be outside Fiddler’s Hearth, Friday September 17th, enjoying the pocket park from 9am – 3pm, with construction starting around 8:00am.  KSBB would love for you to participate at any level, either helping with the quick construction/tear down or just enjoying the green space provided.  Please contact us at KSBBinfo@gmail.com for more information on how you can participate in Park(ing) Day 2010.  Cheers!

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KSBB Meeting

We are planning some exciting events for the near future. To share more, KSBB will be hosting another informal meeting, Thursday, August 26th at St. Joseph County Library in the Colfax Auditorium at 6:30PM. Please pass to all who may be interested, as this is an open invitation.

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Landscape architect has plan

Exciting news!  KSBB was featured in a brief article in the South Bend Tribune today.  We’re really encouraged by the interest and support that the community has shown towards this initiative and we can’t wait to see the impact KSBB can make.  We’re updating the Parks and Recreation board tomorrow, and hopefully we have some events lined up soon.  Check back early and often or search for us on Facebook!

For now, check out the article in the Tribune: http://www.southbendtribune.com/article/20100628/News01/6280329/1130


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Working Together

Hey, we’re a new organization in South Bend, IN. working toward gaining our nonprofit status.

Keep South Bend Beautiful would support the work of the Parks and Recreation department (and many other city departments) through the coordinated effort of volunteers, donations, and grants.  The focus would be on beautification and litter clean-up/prevention for public spaces that include neighborhoods, parking lots, streetscapes, and green spaces.

We need your help to get this organization off the ground so we can make a significant impact on design, on health/sustainability, and on the community.  Our motto: “a group of people working together can do great things.”

Hope to hear from you all soon.


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