“The Winds of Change”

Recently, KSBB was driving through Benton County, Indiana along highway 65, and was struck by the wind farm now residing on either side of the route.  Row upon row of large wind turbines dotted the wide swatches of flat agricultural landscape.  Roughly 583 of them, actually that generate reportedly between 600-750MW of power.  Having been constructed in early 2010 (according to Wikipedia), the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm is only the second wind farm in Indiana.  Interestingly, the second farm named “Goodland I”, is also in Benton County (which is about 90miles Northwest of Indianapolis).

While sustainable/green energy is all the buzz right now, especially with steeply rising gas prices, wind energy has been around since the 1st century AD in ancient Greece (we’re not really surprised by this) and later in the form of windmills.  Commonly, windmills were used to grind grains for bread making and such, though, they were widely used in the Netherlands as drainage mills to control water.  In the United States, wind-pumps were extensively used and became a fixture in the rural landscape.  For more information on windmills click here.

So let us know what you think: would you like to see more wind farms dotting the Indiana landscape near South Bend?  What about other forms of sustainable energy?


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