Vegetarian Month

February 2011 is Vegetarian Month for Keep South Bend Beautiful.  Starting tomorrow, February 1, KSBB will be adjusting our diet in the spirit of the PB&J Campaign (see website).  Don’t get us wrong, we like meat as much as the next person, but the environmental impact of a plant based diet cannot be denied.  According to the PB&J website, “Each time you have a plant-based lunch like a PB&J you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by the equivalent of 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over an average animal-based lunch like a hamburger, a tuna sandwich, grilled cheese, or chicken nuggets. For dinner you save 2.8 pounds and for breakfast 2.0 pounds of emissions.  If you have a PB&J instead of a red-meat lunch like a ham sandwich or a hamburger, you shrink your carbon footprint by almost 3.5 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Think about how much food, water, land, and energy it takes to raise livestock; far greater than what it takes to sustain a human being (see how it works).  Every time you eat a plant based lunch (no cheese), you would save 40% of the emissions saved by driving around a hybrid car for a day, not to mention far cheaper.

So please, join KSBB in making a huge impact on our planet by going vegetarian for a month.  It’ll give you the opportunity to explore new foods and perhaps make some great health related changes.  Remember, it’s only a month.

Post here and show your support.  If you have questions or would like to see our meal plan for the next 4 weeks send an email to 



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