Landscape architect has plan

Exciting news!  KSBB was featured in a brief article in the South Bend Tribune today.  We’re really encouraged by the interest and support that the community has shown towards this initiative and we can’t wait to see the impact KSBB can make.  We’re updating the Parks and Recreation board tomorrow, and hopefully we have some events lined up soon.  Check back early and often or search for us on Facebook!

For now, check out the article in the Tribune:



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2 Responses to Landscape architect has plan

  1. Hello! Saw your article in the Trib. I live in Plymouth and we are a growing green community, too. I’ll share your link on my Facebook page!

    • jsgeels says:

      Thanks, Marianne! We certainly appreciate the shared link (feel free to check out the KSBB Facebook pages as well) and we are excited to hear about other community greening efforts. Hopefully, as KSBB grows we’ll be able to reach out to the surrounding areas in Michiana and make a larger impact on the region. Keep us posted!

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